Perfect Engagement Ring This Valentine’s Day

If it is a tradition to propose on Valentine’s Day and a tradition to give a diamond ring as an engagement ring, there is nothing more traditional than opting to choose an antique diamond engagement ring this Valentine’s Day.

Why opt for an antique engagement ring with which to pop the question though? To answer that question, let’s take a look at the differences between the quality, price and beauty provided by antique rings vs. modern ones.


Modern techniques used to create jewellery are astounding and create some truly stunning results. That said, the desire to create the perfect, immaculate looking piece of jewellery has meant that much contemporary jewellery, engagement rings included, are no longer hand crafted, and those pieces which are can carry a hefty price tag – and carbon footprint for those concerned with the ecological state of the planet.

Antique jewellry meanwhile and because of its age is guaranteed to have been crafted by hand and with the love, expertise and eye to detail necessary to create something both beautiful and which can stand the test of time – in terms of both quality and aesthetic appeal. And antique engagements rings provide all this without burning a hole in your pocket, or the earth’s ozone layer for that matter. Hence, if it is a truly quality ring with which you wish to propose, you really can do no better than to opt for an antique one.

Price Tag

Speaking of price tags, there can prove a huge difference in price between opting for a contemporary diamond engagement ring and that of an antique. In fact, and as best explained by jewellry specialist of 35 years, Jonathan Edwards has previously stated: ‘You get more for your money, a bigger, more attractive choice that will hold its value better, if you go for older pieces.’

Hence, if you are looking for that all important engagement ring with which to propose this Valentine’s Day, you might want to see for yourself just what is out there before rushing down the high street. To do so, Antique Rings Online is a great place to start. Not only will going antique save you money, but by ditching the jeweler’s in favor of buying online you stand to make an even bigger saving. After all, online retailers and specialist jewellry stockiest don’t have the same overheads to cover, or rely upon their customers to pay for them.

The Perfect Ring

What constitutes or determines the perfect ring is of course a matter of personal preference. That said, there are characteristics and considerations which almost everybody agrees are important in determining whether a ring is the ring.

Of the important aspects when choosing an engagement ring, which most often include a diamond (or several) and choice of metal and style, the ‘uniqueness’ a ring is thought to hold figures highly. After all, it isn’t just the size of a stone that impresses; in fact, many people do not like the look of or enjoys wearing a ring bearing a rock sized stone. Instead, what many like is how unusual a ring is.

It is perhaps no surprise people champion ‘uniqueness’ when shopping for an engagement ring either; this is a ring which symbolizes the unique, dazzling and amazing feelings, love and relationship forged between two people; then, just as diamond engagement rings have become so popular because diamonds stand as the universal stone of love because of they, like ‘true love’ are said to be unbreakable, the uniqueness of a ring has to come to be an important aspect due to the fact that each couple’s love is unique.

Then, an antique is really the only option to get a ring which is unlikely ever to be seen again by anybody; as well, the fact each antique is unlikely ever to meet a duplicate of itself, this makes antique engagement ring shopping extremely fun, and not least because you know when you find that perfect ring, like your loved one, it is likely to be the only one of its kind.

That said, attempting to then find that perfect ring can understandably prove a sometimes overwhelming undertaking. It is as such sensible to narrow your search according to period.

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