Choosing a Wedding Venue

Deciding on the perfect wedding venue takes a lot of time and effort if you want to have your perfect day and there are a number of things to look out for.

Estimate the Guest List and Your Budget

You may not know the exact number of guests that will be attending or your specific budget, but you should be able to estimate the number of guests you plan on inviting as well as your approximate budget. This should be done before you begin looking at wedding venues.

Think about Your Style

Weddings can be low-key, high class, rustic or anything else you can dream of. Talk with your partner and determine the type of wedding you want to have. This single item can help you when choosing a venue. Do you want a traditional venue, or does a non-traditional venue sound better? The types of venues are as varied as your imagination. You can choose a barn, a chapel, a hotel or a gallery. You can really think outside of the box and even consider renting an industrial loft space. The choice is totally yours! One thing to remember about a non-traditional venue is it may not have all the equipment that wedding ready venues offers, such as chairs, tables and linens. Wedding ready venues also offer a clean-up crew to come in after the event. In a non-traditional space, you will need to rent chairs, tables linens and clean up after the event. This information should be considered when determining a location.

Take Your Time to Consider Everything

Once you have come up with a list of potential venues, it is time to visit each location. Although you may fall in love with a location, it is important to consider how well the location will work for your wedding. Consider each of these items when visiting country houses to rent for weddings:

– How much control do you want over the decor?

Many full-service wedding venues provide all the tables, chairs, flatware and linens; however, some do not provide this service. Find out the items that will be provided at each location and if the vendor has any restrictions as far as decorating.

– Can you use your own caterer?

If you are food savvy and want a specific menu or caterer, you need to find out if the venue allows you to use your own caterer. Some wedding venues have an in-house catering service with set menus to choose from. Additionally, some venues specify the baker and even the type of wedding cake you can have. Other venues allow you to bring your own wedding cake, but may charge a cake-cutting fee.

Ask for References

Talk to others who have used the venue to find out insider information. What did they like about the venue? What did they not like? If the venue is supplying the food, ask about the quality of the food and their overall satisfaction. Look at photographs on and photography blogs to find images of weddings held at the venue.

Religious Ceremonies

If you want to have a religious ceremony, find out if you must get married in a church, chapel or house of worship. If you must have your ceremony in this type of location, book the ceremony before booking the venue for your reception. Additionally, if you want your pastor, priest, rabbi or other religious leaders to perform your ceremony, make sure they are available on your wedding day. If you are having an interfaith wedding, it is important to speak to both families and all religious leaders to work out the intricacies concerning your wedding. Doing this ahead can save heartbreak and headaches. Some religions have certain venue requirements and they should be known before you book a venue.

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