15 Makeup Tips For Your Wedding

Looking good on your wedding day is important and these super make up tips can make a huge difference.

Waterproof Your Look

Make sure to use waterproof mascara. It will stand up to tears on your happy day. You can substitute one coat of regular mascara if you don’t like the way that the waterproof mascara feels or looks, but you must follow up by lightly applying a single coat of waterproof mascara.

Eyeliner That Pops

Your best color options for eyeliner are mahogany, navy, or charcoal. You’ll look too severe if you use brown or black, especially if your wedding is held during the daylight hours.

Lighten Your Look

If you have light skin, apply white shadow to your brow bone as a highlighter. Women with deeper skin tones should choose a vanilla or a warm light peach shade.

Shape Them Up

To make sure that you don’t detract from your eyes’ natural beauty, don’t use a color that is too dense when you contour them suggests Francesca of BridalmakeupKent.com

Shade Your Brows

Select a shadow or pencil that matches your hair color when you define your eyebrows.

Remove The Red

If your eyes are tired, use eye drops to remove the red. However, try out the brand you will carry with you before your wedding day in case the drops unexpectedly irritate your eyes.

Sweeten Up Your Cheeks

Your blush is essential. It’s like getting an instant face lift when you pop some color onto your cheeks. Pink tone’s work best on fair skin, while rosier hues are essential on deeper skin tones.

Zit Zapping

Keep your hands away from your face if you have a breakout or blemish just before the day of your wedding. Leaving it alone allows it to heal. However, if you suddenly develop a huge pimple, ask for an injection of cortisone from your dermatologist to instantly shrink it.

Blend Well

Cameras pick up on makeup lines, so be sure to blend well, especially on the neckline and on eye corners.

See The Natural Picture

Use natural light when you applying makeup. Do your makeup on a table near a window, if possible. Substitute a halogen lamp if there is no natural light available.

Sit At The Right Level

Ask for a high bar stool if you are preparing yourself at a hotel so that your makeup artist has a good view. Prop yourself up using pillows if you can’t get the stool.

Even Your Tone

To make sure that your face skin tone and your body skin tone match, even it out using a bronzing powder on your neck and chest. You will glow as a result.

Be Careful With That Gown

To protect your dress and prevent stains, avoid using foundation on your décolletage.

Protect Your Skin

If you are having an outdoor ceremony, be sure to include a SPF 30 or higher moisturizer. Excess sun will affect how your pictures turn out. To avoid looking overly pink in them, include the sunscreen.

Brighten Your Lips

You want to use a color for your lip that has some brightness. You will look washed out in your photos if you choose a brown or pale nude lip hue, due to the fact that you are dressed in white. If neutral is your normal hue, use it as a base with a rose or pink top layer. You can apply a light coat of sheer pink as a top layer if you normally wear dark lipstick.

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