5 Essential Wedding Photography Tips: for the Bride-To-Be


It’s time to plan your wedding photography. Are you going to leave everything to your photographer and hope everything comes out for the best? Of course not. As the bride-to-be, you want things done a certain way. You have a vision that you want to see come true. These wedding photography tips will help you make that happen.

Tip #1: Create a List of Shots

Your wedding is a story that is waiting to be told. If you create an outline of that story for everyone to follow, then you can make sure that every image you want gets taken. This way you’ll also make sure that everyone you want to include in your photographs gets their picture taken. Forgetting Grandpa is something he’ll never let you forget.

Tip #2: Have a Backup Plan For Your Backup Plan

A wise bride once said, “If something can go wrong on your wedding day, it will go wrong.” A lot can happen to your photography plans. The weather might not cooperate. The camera’s batteries can die unexpectedly. Some random squirrel can decide that it’s more important to have his picture taken instead. If you create a backup plan, then your wedding photography can still happen in a way that you want. Then make sure you create Plan C just in case.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget the Small Details

There are numerous little details that come with planning a wedding. Many brides-to-be focus on the overall story of their wedding, but miss things like the table settings, the shoes, or even the invitations that they made by hand as part of their images. By focusing on these small details, you get a complete picture so your memories can be preserved for all of time.

Tip #4: Keep the Mistakes

 With digital images, it can be very easy to just delete a picture that is deemed to be “unsatisfactory.” Sometimes the most imperfect photographs are the ones that are the most interesting of the bunch. You can always crop or manipulate the images afterward. Speak to your photographer about keeping everything to review after the fact – you can always delete the images afterward if you really don’t like an image.

Tip #5: It Doesn’t All Need to Be Formal

Some of the most treasured images from a wedding tend to be the informal images that get taken. Formal poses are always great to share and pictures of the family together are important, but don’t let the informal moments be forgotten. Capturing a stolen second on a busy day with you and your groom is always something that will make you smile – even on those days when that guy of yours is playing Minecraft and watching anime instead of paying attention to you.

Wedding photography often feels like it’s a chore that needs to get done, but it can be a lot of fun with a little planning. Use these tips to your advantage as you get your special day planned and the images you’ll receive will become an album of memories of which you’ll never want to let go.

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