Having the Wedding of Your Dreams

Have you ever noticed how the moment of engagement in movies if often fast forwarded to a happy ever after? Real life is a little less breezy than that. Moreover, this is when the wild ride starts. I think the female priority is often the dress and the whole ensemble, but once you get that off your list, there’s still a question of venue, catering, and photographer left. Excel at all aspects and have the most memorable wedding ever with our tips.

Where and when

Whatever you do, don’t rush it. There are so many things that can enter the equation, such as:

  1. Booking issues: Reserving a venue a year in advance is nothing uncommon.
  2. Season: If you seek ideal conditions, September, October and June are popular for their mild weather.
  3. Destination: Lots of saving is required if you plan to get married at a tropical island or in a distant capital like Paris.
  4. Date: You want it to be something private and your own, so evade coinciding with national festivities.


Food and cake selection

Caterers wise, it’s crucial you make a good pick as it may spoil the mood and impressions of your guest and yours as well. A good rule of the thumb would be opting for a tried out provider you heard from a close friend, cousin or co-worker. Secondly, see if the selected business cooks your favorites. Test their samples and try to reach a satisfactory agreement. Lastly, make sure to verify their license and scan the contract.


Venue extraordinaire

The options for venue design are innumerous, and you can make it amazing with affordable items and clever solutions. If a certain layout caught your eye, explore some smart and cost-effective tips how to make it happen. Be moderate with colours and focus on the smaller details if you want a more classic look. Alternatively, incorporate wild flowers and organic elements if you want an earthy theme.


Music intermezzo

When choosing an ensemble or a music master, act accordingly with your taste but don’t forget the many guests you have invited. String quartet is a sublime choice for meal time and evening intro. However, pick-me-up rhythms and pop classics will probably inspire the majority of your guests to get up and join in the fun. Aim to create an energy-packed and enjoyable atmosphere invitees will definitely memorize.

Capture the best moments

Don’t gamble with the cheap, shady deals and select a trusted professional with a rich resume and legitimate testimonials. The relatively new option for capturing the finest moments of your event is the acclaimed wedding videography. The professionals can now neatly summarize your highlights to serve as a time capsule for the lovebirds’ many years to come.

Transport means

Humvee or a simple car, it’s vital that it doesn’t stick out too much to the overall air of the wedding. Also, bride should feel comfortable riding it and getting out without ruining her dress or hairstyle. If you’re going to wear a ball gown then getting a spacious car or a limousine is advisable.

Many women start envisioning their wedding ceremony from the very young years. Still, when the actual time comes, the whole event may appear overwhelming. Well, unless you haven’t read out tips.

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