DIY: Your Own Simple Wire Wrapped Ring

There are numerous approaches to make a wire wrapped ring. On the off chance that you anticipate making a few of these you will need a ring gauge that can be obtained at numerous side interest and art stores. While there, select the stone you need for this ring. Ensure these are the ones that are predrilled as you’ll have to embed the wire through the openings. You will require wire cutters and a spool of 14 gauge silver wire.

Begin by measuring your finger size. Cut fifty (50), inches of wire. When you know the outline of your finger, twist the wire such that there are two pieces laying next to each other and one half creep longer than your finger size. Rehash this until you have four bits of wire lying one next to the other. Ensure these curls are tight. This is known as the base or ring base. Wrap the remaining wire firmly around this base however leave a tiny bit toward the end to frame a circle (by opening the base wires at the looped closes). Proceed until you have achieved the same point on the flip side of the base. Once finished, structure the wrapped piece around the finger gauge.

Put stones on the remaining bit of wire. The number you utilize is your decision. Run the free end through the circle toward the end of the base and wrap it back around and back through the stones. Check intermittently to guarantee you have not put an excess of stones on in this manner making the ring too expansive. When you have every one of the stones on and the ring is the right size, remove the abundance wire, leaving a little length that can be wrapped around the end to secure it. Push the abundance into the end stone.

Materials Needed:

One ~21″ piece of 14g wire (you can also use 20g)
One 6-8mm bead
Plastic or metal ring mandrel
Flush cutters
Cup burr
Chain nose pliers
Rubber/plastic/rawhide mallet

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