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Just as they say little drops make an ocean, a wedding garter, though small, forms a key part of a bride’s attire. Grounded in a tradition that span decades, a wedding garter is usually an elegant piece of a bride’s dress that showcases the consummation of the marriage. The creation of the garter itself came out by the chain of thought that says owning a piece of the wedding dress brings about luck. Practice has evolved from tearing a piece of the wedding dress to the groom removing the garter and tossing it into a crowd of bachelors.

The garter is typically worn 4 or 5 inches above the knee and should be crafted in a way that it does not prevent circulation and interfere with free movement of the leg. A bridal garter can often be bought individually and in sets. A garter set for instance will give the bride choices in case she decides to wear multiple garters. Typically this is done in cases where the groom can remove on in front of witnesses and the other garter is for the bride to keep.

Common colours used are usually blue, ivory, crystal etc. A garter should typically complement the bride’s dress and add to its beauty through its simplicity and elegance. A blue garter is displayed below:

Blue Garter

There are many shops online where one can purchase garters too! A common problem faced by brides when purchasing online is that the width should be perfect for their thighs and its can be tricky accepting measurements seen online. To remove this hassle we have shops like MRBBridal that offer custom solutions that do not require you to modify the garter further. Browse through and find a stunning solution to make your special day even more perfect.

You can browse around their shop to see different types, colours, lace garter sets etc. A link is provided here: Wedding Garters

Some of the common colours offered are blue, ivory, yellow, sky blue, navy blue, red and black. Beautifully designed laces and ribbons are also on offer and can be custom made based on thigh size. Lace colours are one thing that tend not to deviate too much and are usually white or a shade of white.

Traditionally a garter is a part of the wedding attire that is not visible and hence the colour style etc is not too important but as the wedding gown itself is shaped by fashion trends the garter may not be hidden completely for long. Lace colours are very important as they might be a contrast to the wedding dress itself when the removing and throwing happens. The elegance and beauty of the dress must be complemented not taken away from. As for the ribbon or the central part of the garter the colour can depend on the personality of the person and what she prefers.

Whatever the choice of song, colour or style, the essence of the wedding garter tradition lives on. The garter is the centre piece of a light hearted ritual conveying integral values.

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