Do I Really Need To Hire A Professional Wedding Photographer/Videographer?

Living around Melbourne? Is your wedding day getting closer? Need a wedding videographer in Melbourne? Well, if you are starting to think about a wedding video. You may be second guessing yourself saying, “Do I really need to hire a professional wedding videographer or can a family member just do it?”  Remember, this video will last you a lifetime.  You only want to do this once right?!  Rather than thinking of it as an expense, think of it as an investment.

One day you will look back on this special day and the video will play a huge role in what and how you remember your wedding day.  Did you look like you came straight out of Vogue or a fairy tale or did you look like you should be in one of those vampire movies because you have a huge case of red eye?  Let wedding videographers make you the first option rather than settling with the latter.

You will look like a vision too, I’m sure of it, and…

A skilled wedding videographer knows exactly what lighting to capture you in, what angles and poses look best. They have done this before and have learned where they need to be in order to get the shots and videos.

Wedding destinations also play a huge role. If a venue is small it’s much easier to navigate. Melbourne is well and truly an amazing and very scenic city so there are plenty of breath taking places for a wedding. Some of them are:


  • Stones of the Yarra Valley
  • Sandringham Yacht club
  • Poets Lane
  • Lincoln of Toorak
  • Tatra
  • Luminare
  • The Crown

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The destination is also part of the story of you and your loved ones journey. The angles from which the destination is captured plays a huge role in how you appear in these photos and how magical the day would be. Some of these destinations listed here are truly breathtaking! A fitting tribute to a life that is to be cherished. A videographer’s job is not to create the story or try to add to it, it’s his job to record the story in a manner that brings out the best of you, your partner, the venue, your friends and family.

Okay, just in case, for some reason, you are still on the fence about the wedding videographer business, ask around.  Talk to people that you know that have had experiences with both. Ask those that had an aunt or good family friend take their wedding photos because they said “they have a great camcorder”.  And then ask those you used professional wedding photographers. Even if you live around the Melbourne area and decide to have a wedding along the breathtaking great ocean road or by the twelve apostles. Well look no further than They are a unique option for wedding videography in Melbourne. A fairy tale wedding will come true for sure, as they shoot and edit in a cinematic way too!

Check out some of their amazing work below.

Natalia & Peter – Production of Popcorn Films

Effie & Matt – Production of Popcorn Films


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