Dallas Wedding Venues For You and Your Photographer

You have the ring, the perfect husband to be, and tons of ideas on how to plan your perfect day. You have envisioned this day from the early years as a little girl and want everything to be perfect. You know that what you want is elegance and grace, you want to be the envy of all your friends, and most importantly you want guests to say “wow, I’ve never seen anything like that.” You will also want to capture the moment for which you will need a great wedding photographer. First let’s talk about venues though.

We know you’ve been dreaming of a luxury wedding and the most important element of that dream is to find a luxury wedding venue. The first place to look isn’t always the most obvious. Many brides search wedding venues in search engines and receive results that are less than desirable. One of the first places to think of when you think of luxury is old historic Churches. Churches, especially of ancient origination, have exquisite architecture and features that you just can’t find anywhere else. One Church that is very popular and a must see for beautiful features is the Christ the King Catholic Church in Dallas, Texas. The cathedral is absolutely amazing, with its attention to detail and high ceilings. It is breathtaking and shouldn’t be missed on your list of places to check out.

By jenskorndoerfer.com

By jenskorndoerfer.com

Other luxury venues to hold your wedding at are places such as museums, vineyards, or old industrial buildings that provide a blank canvas to create your dream masterpiece. A wedding photographer’s dream too!

Museums can be filled with art, old cars, abstract collections, or special rarities that only you can decide which is right for you. Most museums have beauty in them and you need little help in spicing up the place. For most museums, there is a venue or gathering space available, such as the lobby that can be transformed into an amazing ceremony and reception site with just the right touch of lighting and décor. A couple of amazing museum spots we found in Dallas are: The Old Red Museum, an 1892 Romanesque courthouse; The Trammell and Margaret Crow Museum of Asian Art; or the Nasher Sculpture Centre.

By loc.gov

By loc.gov

Wine brings sophistication. Wineries are luxury at the least. They have the ability to host events in grand spaces full of luscious wood and the smell of wine in old wood barrels. You can host an event outside, beneath trellis covered in grape vines. Having a wedding at a winery can have the best of both worlds with outdoor sophistication and indoor elegance. You can separate your ceremony and reception between the indoor and outdoor options, or have your soiree all in one place. The great thing about it is that you can offer your guests wine that is made right on sight- a true treat for the wine enthusiast.

We recommend checking out the San Martino Winery just 34 miles east of Dallas in Rockwall, Texas.

There are so many different industrial areas that once were. They used to be booming areas of commerce for Dallas and now are empty facilities that provide the perfect clean slate for your wedding. Most of these buildings require imagination at first, but once you see examples of what can be done, you won’t pass up the opportunity. One place in particular that has hosted some of Dallas’ premier weddings is History Street Annex located in an old industrial area right off of Deep Ellum.


Moving onto wedding photography. All the venues we have spoken about are just perfect doffer for wedding photographers. You will need highly skilled people who know the venue inside out and capture every important moment while maintaining its elegance and beauty. If you are in the Dallas Area in Texas you need not look any further than Rafael Serrano Photography. They offer 4 packages based on your needs & also do other events too!

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