Top 9 Tips For Perfect Destination & Beach Wedding

Do you have your mind intent on a destination wedding? On a beautiful beach in the Caribbean or the Dominican Republic? Well…

We have created the top 9 tips to help you plan the perfect destination/ beach wedding.

#1 Remember when having any out of town wedding your guests, they will want to have a good time and will want to stay in a quality location. After the wedding if they are staying a few extra days it would be nice if you helped plan some fun activities for them like maybe you all could go boating together or fishing or take a drive down the beach to some of the other beach towns on the coast for a day of fun. When you are in the Dominican Republic for example you are definitely spoil for choice.


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#2 if you are going to have a reception after the wedding at a location that is not at the same location as the wedding then try and make it easy on your guests. Many of them may be flying in and to help save them some money it would be a good plan if the guests that have drove in could set up a car pool to drive the guests that did fly in drive them to the wedding and then to the reception so they do not have to rent a car. You could also, if possible, have the reception at the hotel that most the guests are staying at so they can walk up and freshen up before the reception. Fly in guests would then be at home and not have to rely on anyone to drive them back to a hotel from the reception.

#3 A wedding in Punta Cana for example, can be fun but they can also be hot in the summer time. We have seen time after time as a beach wedding the bride shows up 30 to 45 min late for the wedding and the guests showed up 30 min before the wedding so the guests have now been on the beach for over an hour in the hot sun. So please be on time for your guest’s sake. You do not want to have anyone pass out from the heat at your destination wedding.


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#4 Brides, if it is a windy day on the beach you should have your hair elegantly worn up so that the wind does not make it blow constantly in your face. It can be quite windy on the beach so make a note to keep checking how strong the wind is and make the decision to have your hair up or down.

#5 Things not to bring to the beach and why for your wedding. Do not bring a wedding cake to the beach for the wedding unless you keep it in a cooler of some kind as it will start to melt very fast from the heat on the beach. Glassware should typically be okay and is usually provided by wedding planners themselves if you have one.

#6 Shoes or no shoes for the wedding, we get this question all the time. Well it’s a personal preference really. Typically these weddings are barefoot. It’s hard to imagine any bride wearing high heels on the sand. Whereas if your wedding is in a sea side villa like the ones in Punta Cana, then you can play it the traditional way and break out the full wardrobe.


By – Val’s Wedding

#7 Must I have chairs at the wedding? This is an easy one. The more the merrier. Especially if you have older guests. A comfortable experience is definitely sort after and Val’s weddings are definitely one option. They provide a whole range of services from travel arrangements to destination arrangements. You can find a host of information on their website.

#8 Do the men have a formal black tux on for the wedding? This is up to you but it is the beach and can solely depend on the weather. Anything formal or even semi-formal would be perfect. Kinky dress shorts and tank tops would be quite weird indeed!

#9 If you are utilizing a professional photographer for instance. It would be best if you could advice your friends and family members not to break out their smartphones frequently so that you do not get several pictures of your perfect day with guests taking selfies in the background.

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