Dance Tips for your Wedding Day


We’ve come up with a list of things you shouldn’t neglect when planning for your wedding dance. Here they are:


  1. If choosing a style of dance first, decide together what kind of “look and feel” you want – anything from a more classic waltz or foxtrot to an upbeat swing or Latin number.  Let it reflect your personalities, your energy and your feelings for each other.
  2. Keep it short enough. Select a song that is less than 3 minutes long. Two or two and a half minutes for your first dance is just right.


  1. Start early enough.  Make it a less stressful preparation time. Begin your dance lessons “at least” 3 months before your wedding! Give yourself time to practice and feel comfortable together. This also allows time to re-schedule a lesson or get that extra lesson/practice on the calendar.


  1. Practice in your under slip/petticoat.  It’s very different to move with the weight of a long, full skirt and can affect both of you.  Grooms, remember, you will not be able to see her feet.
  2. Go for great Photo Ops! Plan with your professional wedding photographer so that you can pose at certain moments without making it too awkward.


  1. CD or Band. Decide If you’ll dance to CD or have the band play your song. If the band plays for you, make sure the bandleader gets a copy of your CD before the wedding to match your recording’s tempo and arrangement.


  1. HE leads and SHE follows. (Off the floor – that’s between you). Partner dancing really cannot work if both parties are trying to lead. Besides, leading is a great confidence booster for us men and an amazing ride for you ladies when you let yourself go into the movement. Guys don’t overly insist on your “lead” role. A good lead frames his follow and supports her by waiting for her actions.  Remember that good dancing is about the “couple.” Work to make each other look great!
  2. Grooms: Move with conviction and trust what you have learned. Your body sends her strong “lead” signals when you’re confident- allowing your bride to respond more easily.
  3. Ladies: Go with the flow. If you have a choreographed sequence, don’t insist on the sequence if your lead forgets or leads something out of order. You will look better as a couple if instead you breathe deeply, relax, and focus on him and what he is asking you to do in the dance.  There is no “messing up” as long as you put your caring and communication above everything else.   Focus on your love for each other and you’ll shine no matter what.
  4. Lastly, don’t skimp on the romance. Starting and/or ending with a kiss or a hug is perfect. Don’t rush through your steps. Make the moment last.  Enjoy each other’s expressions – look always at your partner and dance with your face as well as your feet.  Relax as you put your best foot forward and begin together making the memories of a lifetime.

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