Choosing A Wedding Cake – Have You Considered These Factors

Gone are the days of the traditional wedding cake coated in white icing. Nowadays, couples now have the opportunity of choosing from a wide variety of wedding cakes. Depending on your style and budgets, you can choose anything from cupcake towers and mud cakes to sponge cakes. If you’d rather prefer a custom baked caked, a professional wedding cake specialist should be able to bring your ideas into reality. Beautifully designed decorations coupled with colorful flavor are essentials when it comes to wedding cake success and with the variety of colorful designs and styles on the market today you will be spoilt for choice.

How to pick a professional wedding cake specialist

Choosing a professional wedding cake specialist is easier and more convenient with a lot of information and resources available via the internet. Most wedding cake companies have on their website pictures of their works online. You can check the various design and also gain insight on their level of proficiency and creativity when it comes to wedding cake. By visiting their websites and with the resources available, you can decide whether to contact them for further enquiries or not. Asides the online resources, you can also ask newly married couples for recommendations on where to order your cake from. Doing this research well ahead of time is very important.

Shop around and compare prices for the best deal before deciding on the wedding cake professional to choose. Also, it is worthy of note to check if they use fresh, natural ingredients and ask whether their cakes are freshly baked or baked and preserved for future use.

Wedding cake size

Before shopping for a wedding cake it is ideal to know the number of invited guests that you will be expecting. This will help you determine the wedding cake size that will cater to the needs of your guests. It is however, ideal to also make provisions for uninvited guests as well. Once the estimated total number of guests is known, your wedding cake specialist will be able to know the ideal size for the wedding cake. While some couples have an idea of taste and what they really want the cake to look like, others may either request a cake tasting session or a brief discussion on the various cake design ideas available. Quotes are based specifically on the cake design itself and can vary depending on several factors such as size, decorations, cake style and delivery. Upon agreeing on the design and pricing, you will be asked to pay an initial deposit to hold your wedding date.

The most important part of the wedding cake ordering process is making decision on its taste and design. A lot of professional cake companies offer a cake testing session with their client. There are many different type of cakes including fruit cake, sponge cake, cheese cakes, cup cake stacks and mud cakes. Some wedding cakes are made to match the brides dresses and can come in different shapes to match a specific theme.

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