How to choose a headpiece for your complete look

So you’ve found the dress of your dreams! Where do you go from here? Deciding if and how you want to finish off the complete look is the next step. I have been told in the past that this seems to be one of the hardest steps for most Brides. Everyone wears shoes and garments every day and usually has a very good idea and feeling about how to choose those items. What you wear or don’t wear to complete your look on your head however is a bit more of a challenge. Choices are very versatile for today’s Bride allowing her to reflect her desired look and at the same time compliment her personality.


Choices available range from a plain small veil to hair jewelry to tiaras, simple flowers in your hair or elaborate headpieces and cathedral length veils that sweep down the aisle in glory after you! In deciding what to wear take a look at some of these factors – Are you having a formal or informal wedding and at what time of day is the wedding? – Does your gown scream out for a balancing feature to complete your look? A full dress usually needs something to balance the completed look – Look at the mood and feelings you are trying to generate with you look i.e. classy, casual, fun? – Cost factors and comfort factors are also part of deciding and choosing a headpiece. Now armed with a few things to keep in mind you now need to understand what to choose to suit your facial shape and blend with the look of the gown.


Make sure #1 it doesn’t overpower the size of the face and #2 that a headpiece when fitted properly will frame your eyes to become the middle of the picture from your chin to the base of the headpiece. By balancing the headpiece this way it should appear that all you really notice is the eyes and the face not an overpowering structure plopped on the top of your head. In this way everyone will notice how beautiful you are first before they notice the accessory. After you decide the type of headpiece and shape that best suits your looks you now can look for the elements that will make it fit your overall look.

Try to match the type of sparkle in your dress. This means that if your dress has crystal and sequins sparkle it would be best matched by a headpiece with crystal accents for the sparkle likewise rhinestone to rhinestone. Matching other elements such as the lace of your dress that may contain rose patterns is that rose designs in your headpiece could be satin or porcelain roses to bring out that kind of element. Often in going the custom route you can get a very complimentary match to your gown and looks.


Custom is often about the same price as a lot of the boutiques and yet constructed individually with individual attention to desires and dreams as well as being much sturdier than the mass-produced pieces. If you are looking for a gown and want it tailor made to your figure, be sure to check out: Suzanne Harward provides amazing designer wedding dresses that have been worn by some of Australia’s well known fashion icons.

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