Wedding Photography Bringing out the pattern in the chaos

A wedding event during the course of its running does turn so called in disciplined, if it has to be termed a successful event. After all it is a very joyous event and everyone is there to have fun. More the fun greater the sense of prevailing chaos and there starts a wedding photographers dilemma. So may events and actions taking place as if simultaneously, every one of them needs to be captured and then a story has to be built off the captured shots. Add to it the aspects of lighting, shooting angle and various other such issues taught to any photographer during their learning stage, and the tight spot the individual faces in a wedding photography work is quite evident. There is however some rules that can be used as ruse for the photographer to project a completed work wherein all the complications have been captured and the story well narrated through the photographs.


Finding the order in this joyous disorder

A good photographer’s eye would take in the patterns that create the marriage event scene and find similarity in them. Take for example the ushers would be decked up in a matching style and color of tuxedo as the bridesmaid would in their flashing attire. The props distributed in the marriage venue are another aspect where a photographer’s eye would note the closeness in looks and style. These features would provide the photographer the perfect backdrops for capturing the action. The disorder of the entire venue is being organized in a virtual sense by the photographer. A row of chairs, which is a natural phenomenon that is seen in any wedding venue, is something that any photographer would pick up for creating those soothing shots to get visually highlighted photos. Dancing is one action that is sure to find a place in any wedding event. Keeping a sharp look out during such an action where numerous people are involved provides the photographer with a shot where their silhouettes would give the same pose.


Necessity to be sharp and quick

Any photographer worth the salt would always talk about the reflex speed they have developed with time. Not only to take in a scene, but also be able to forecast the next action, and get ready to take in the shot. To capture patterns in a wedding event, and bring the sense of order in the final outcome, this reflex action is all the more necessary. Has to be honed and kept in place. A particular pattern that comes up may not happen again in the entire course of the day. An example, during a dance sequence there may be a situation where all the dancers have their fingers locked with that of the adjacent individual. This moment would happen just for a fraction of second, a few steps of the dance. The photographers have to capture it then.


Being creative

Photography is all about static captures being offered to the viewer at a later date to reminiscence and work out the movement in their own head. This factor therefore adds lot of pressure on the wedding photographers to capture such shots which would instigate the feeling of action in the viewers mind.

Steve Gerrard is husband and wife team of wedding photographer in Montreal. Earlier he was capturing wedding photographs in UK area but now he has shifted to Canada. He has photographed first wedding in 2006 and shoot around 40 weddings every year. Feel free to reach him on in case if you are searching for a wedding photographer.

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