Wedding Dresses For the Lucky One in Hong Kong Area

Our next stop takes us to Hong Kong where the wedding culture and setting is quite different from the ones we are used to at many of the western locations. We will as usual check out 3 shops in the locality and a point worth noting is that you can often find that the famous Thai silk was used in dresses in Hong Kong which can really add to the quality and comfort level. These shops that we have picked also frequently have customers ordering from the US so if you are one such person you can confidently browse and buy. The three shops we have lined up are Belier Design, Blush Bridal and Central Weddings.

Belier Design

Located in the famous skyline commercial centre in Hong Kong, this shop is home to multiple modern designs for a modern bride. Silk Chiffon and other luxury fabrics are used to make their dresses. Vien Lee is the chief designer. She is a Chinese Canadian who was educated in Paris. Her designs are inspired by European glamour. The colourful collection is an alternative to the traditional white based designs and is something that really appealed to us. A range of styles are on offer based on your figure. You can chase everything from an empire waist, mermaid style or a trumpeter skirt even to elongate your appearance if you are petite. On the other hand if you are busty you can check out a bare back option or even a mandarin collar lace outfit.


Blush Bridal

From a local designer we move onto a shop that has a plethora of amazing designer names to showcase. They even feature dresses that have been designed by Junko Yoshioka which were on display at the Oscars. Currently the highlighted collections include works from Amy Kuschel, Rue De Seine, and Sara Gabriel etc. An in store visit is a must with their website offering a mere sneak peak of what’s really on display. Blush offer dresses for sale only and do not rent unlike other stores. The Rue De Seine collection is one you must check out. It has been features on Marie-Claire, Vogue etc. They even have evening dresses for you and your bridesmaids to wear after the wedding day.



Central Weddings

As soon as we entered the website Vera Wang’s stunning collection left us awestruck. These designs are a perfect portray of the Asian culture with a modern twist. Be sure to check out the Ana Luisa dress which will be ideal for tall women. Vera Wang is known for her ability to create dresses that exude passion and elegance like no other. Her clothes have been worn by Ivanka Trump, Khloe Kardashian, and Brooklyn Decker just to name a few. Central Weddings is probably the most popular wedding store in Hong Kong. It is located in the Edinburgh Tower on Queen’s Road. You can book make-up artists and photographers for your wedding day over here also. A major point to note is that you need to try on their gowns and order 4-5 months in advance. Otherwise your chances of receiving the dress on time are slim.



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