5 Symbolic Wedding Items

5 Symbolic Wedding Items That You Always Carry With You

There is a whole lot of tradition behind the old English rhyme:  “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, and a Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe“.

For centuries, the family and friends of brides will help her to assemble these five good luck charms to carry with her on her wedding day or she can put them together on her own. Each item symbolizes the things that she will need to ensure that her marriage is a happy one.

Something Old

The idea of the bride having something old with her on her wedding day represents the idea of continuity. Often a mother or grandmother will give a token from her own wedding for the new bride to wear. This could include an heirloom wedding gown that has been in the family or even a vintage gown such as those featured at vintage stores..

Something New

Having something new symbolizes optimism for the future. Some brides will find themselves the recipient of a special piece of jewelry to be worn on their wedding day such as such as a pair of earrings or a necklace. Such a gift is traditionally given by either the groom or the bride’s father. Most often, however, the ‘something new’ comes in the form of the diamond wedding bands that she may receive on her wedding day.

Something Borrowed
Having ‘something borrowed’ symbolizes the idea of borrowed happiness. Here is where brides can get really creative. Borrowing a silk handkerchief or tie from dad that can be incorporated into the bridal bouquet can really be both unique and serve as a perfect answer as to what to borrow.

Something Blue

Brides are most often sure to incorporate ‘something blue’ into their wedding day attire because it symbolizes the ideas of purity, love and fidelity. Often brides will incorporate blue flowers into her bridal bouquet or tie it with a bit of blue lace or ribbon.  Etsy shop owner WeddinGlam has special ‘Something blue’ items in the form of hair pins for both brides and bridesmaids.

A Silver Sixpence in Her Shoe

Having ‘a silver sixpence for her shoe’ is the final wish and good luck charm. It symbolizes the hope for good fortune and prosperity for the bride. Because this old rhyme comes from Merry Olde England, there may be some who haven’t any idea what a sixpence actually is. The sixpence was a coin that was in circulation until 1980.

Even though the sixpence isn’t used as currency anymore, the wedding tradition still continues. Many bridal shops will carry this specialty item or you can even find them on the internet on coin sites, or simply go to SilverSixpence and order one. The site carries newer as well as vintage sixpence coins from both England and from Ireland.

This tradition of the bride carrying these items still remains and can be a wonderful way to bring special significance to what is to be one of the most memorable days of her life.

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