Wedding Dresses For the Lucky One in California Area

Wedding Shops in California

Sunny California is littered with amazing spots for hosting a picturesque wedding. Breathtaking locations like San Jose, Mendocino and others make for a great experience overall too. A beautiful beach wedding or one amongst nature in the valley is certainly not too far away. This week we stop by the movie capital of the world in California and explore some good options for buying dresses for your special day. The three shops we think that you must visit are Winnie Couture, Simply Bridal, Grace Bridal Couture. Other notable mentions for you to check out include: Aria, Lily’s Bridal and the Hitching Post.

Winnie Couture

If you are looking for designer wear that have been graced by numerous celebrities over the years, then you have come to the right place. Winnie Couture’s flag ship store is located in Wilshire Blvd, Beverley hills and the experience they offer is quite something. Notable celebrities such as Kelly Clarkson and Helen Hunt have worn Winnie’s designs. The Winnie Chlomin collection has been meticulously crafted with Swarovski crystals and high quality fabric. Their dresses are extremely modern and project an extremely high level of sophistication and beauty. The Diamond Label ranged between $2500 and $7000 and the Blush Label between $1700 and $3900. Get ready to enchant with these magnificent works of art during your special day.


Simply Bridal

Another neat store with amazing designs located in Downtown LA. This neat little high end store boasts some amazing designs ranging from $99 to $1999. Simple bridal are currently doing $99 wedding dress sample sale too. You have over 600+ Dress styles to choose from when you are there. The Jasmyn Gown with the bare back and the Lorelei Gown are two styles that caught our eye. The Lorelei Gown is beautiful yet risqué in appearance and perfect for a bride that wants something that’s a bit out there. You can pick up cool bridesmaid dresses there and maybe even catch a Laker game with the store being minutes away from Staples Centre. Sizes range from 0-30 so you are always inundated with choices.

Grace Bridal Couture

If you are looking for the cream of the crop with respect to designers then you must pay a visit to Grace Bridal Couture. Grace Bridal has won numerous awards for its designs too. If you have a unique vision, for what you want your wedding to look like, then the designer discuss specifications and styles with you and make an amazing design just for you. Grace Bridal utilizes European/ Italian Silks to make amazing designs with crystal embroidery. Every piece you get from this store is a true work of art. You can get wedding gown alterations at Grace Bridal too. Check out the custom made section for the entire 4 step fitting process. Not many stores can boast this level of white glove service and attention to detail. The store is located on Third Street in Los Angeles and is closed on Sunday and Monday.


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