Gifting Your Bridesmaids

You have your savings. You got the venue. You got your dream gown. The reception arrangement is all set. Even the flower arrangements you have settled with the florist. The ceremony has been practiced, as well the program for the reception. You have scheduled the wedding singers, bought your personalized picture frames, the waiters, waitresses, the caterers and the drivers. All invitations have been sent. Most importantly, you have the Prince Charming you have been waiting for all your life to marry you on that great day! A grand wedding is all set!


While you have yourself to pat on the back for a job well done, you also have some people to thanks for helping you out all the way. The list of things to do above is no easy feat to conquer. Except for winning for Mr. Right which you did all by yourself, as it should be, those things you could not have done without some help. And several of those who have lent their helping hands in all these endeavors are your dear girl friends that stand as your bridesmaids. They are indeed the best and that is the main reason why you have chosen them as your bridesmaids. They all deserve a personalized leather jewelry roll on your big day. You have shared with them you fears, worries and freedom of being single. And now you would love to share with them the beauty of starting a marriage you would so willingness fight and stand for. In every nook and turn of your life, they have been there. This is now the chance for you to put into something concrete whatever appreciation you would want to show them.


Because of their importance, would it not be nicer if you get to give your bridesmaids something more special. Personalize the bridal party gift so that they have more meaning. Engraved bridesmaid gift items are usual choices for this. Things like bridesmaids mugs can be used to celebrate a special occasion. This is not only a beautiful way to make your gifts personalized but also the engravings or printing would long-lasting. So you can choose gifts that are easy to engrave on.

A perfect example of a bridesmaid gift are personalized mugs or a tote. Choose mugs that are chic and quite feminine but still handy. There are Etsy shops that offer services like printing right there upon buying them. You could put your wedding date there and their names, or just their names or maybe just their initials. You can also have picture frames or personalized Eco-friendly water bottle engraved with their names or initials. If you choose to give the gift before or during the wedding day, you can put a memorable picture there of a particular bridesmaid. If you would give the gifts after the wedding date, maybe you could put their nicest pictures during the wedding, although it is possible to give this on the wedding day if you have digital cameras and printing paraphernalia. Or maybe you can give them fancy flip flops with their names engraved on it. Maybe you could put in a message at the back, engraved too of course.


A customized bridesmaid gift will ensure for you a lasting gift that would symbolize your lasting friendships with your dear bridesmaids. It is like your love and appreciation for them written in stone, almost literally. Check out:, to get some cool customized gifts.

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