Tropical Wedding Flowers, Why Not?

Tropical wedding bouquets are unique and somewhat unorthodox in appearance. If predictability and consistency are important to you then tropical wedding bouquets are probably the last item you would want to plan for in your wedding.

If words like exotic and erotic resonate with you, then the chances are a topical wedding bouquet could be more than appropriate at your wedding. Sometimes a misunderstood concept, tropical weddings and tropical wedding bouquets are not the exclusive domain of a warm, humid beach setting in the Caribbean with the crystal clear sea water lapping at your feet in the moonlight and the Gypsy Kings gently crooning you in the background. Destination weddings too employ various kinds of flowers that overlap with tropical flowers.

At times it can be mystifying and somewhat esoteric, trying to understand what the various tropical wedding bouquet alternatives are. In essence 5 of the most popular tropical wedding bouquets include:

Orchids: Remarkably these flowers have the greatest number of flowering plants in existence. A thick stemmed plant characterized by a cluster of fragrant flowers at the top of the stem, these flowers exist in a multitude of species and colors. Pure white orchids as an exclusive flower make for a provocative, yet very feminine bridal bouquet.

African Tulip:  A large vibrant orange flower grown in trees, these flowers can be a challenge when used in a bouquet due to the short stem and physical size of the flower. If you decide to arrange these in a bouquet do it as close to the wedding as possible, preferably on the wedding day, to avoid premature wilting. Generally these flowers tend to be used more in centrepiece arrangements at a wedding.

Stargazer Lily: An intense-looking flower that appears to be permanently predisposed to facing the sky, as if it is permanently searching for the secrets of the universe. The flowers are shaped like a heart with normally 4-5 positioned on an extended, thin stem. Visually stunning, these are large flowers tend to be used sparingly in a bouquet, especially when used in a fitting combination with other tropical flowers. An excellent non-tropical combination flower is roses with stargazers.

Plumeria (frangipani): Sounds almost like some exotic dessert, maybe a delicious combination of plums and flamed banana, yes? No, not quite, although these flowers would not be out of place in a beautiful fairy-tale told with angelic innocence and illustrated with white small flowers.

This diminutive yet delicate flower found on trees and shrubs releases an intoxicating fragrance that will for ever and a day leave you with a powerful and positive association. Exquisitely beautiful, plumeria are found in various colors although the most common and most popular is a white flower with a yellow center. Unquestionably in big demand for tropical wedding bouquets, this versatile flower can be used either as a dedicated selection or in a combination.

Anthuriums (Flamingo Flower): A flower that almost appears hand painted and has the frequent distinction of being mistaken for a plastic imitation flowers, this is arguably the most ornamental tropical flower in existence. Oddly the actual flower is a spathe which is more of a brightly colored leaf and the actual tiny flowers reside on the elongated spadix that emanates from the center of the spathe. The predominant characteristic of the plant is unquestionable the funky colored, heart-shaped spathe which is usually found in pink, red, green and brown.

When using anthuriums on their own one should select 7 or 8 excellent specimens, ensuring good shape, unblemished color and no sign of premature wilting, and then combine these with some strategically positioned green foliage to contract the vibrant color.

Tropical wedding bouquets are completely different, remarkably effective, visually impactful and above all simply a lot of fun. Enhance your wedding day with a sultry ambiance that will remain your signature forever and a day. Want more tips on wedding Flowers, Photographers, Marquees and Bands? checkout .

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