Destination Beach Wedding Ideas

A lot of researchers on weddings have time and again concurred that designing, planning, and management of weddings is not only a tedious but also hectic an exercise. Weddings are really very important events in individuals’ lives. Research shows that destination weddings (wedding held in vacation situation) are typically less expensive than most other types of weddings as the couple only pays for their travel, accommodations, and venue expenses as the guests pay their own expenses too depending on the wedding budget. As a result, they have become popular in the past few years, 15 % of all weddings are destination weddings. They are usually the most effort taking events to plan. If for example, a couple chooses the Dominion Republic (a sovereign state in the Caribbean region) as their destination for a beach wedding, what are some of the wedding plans, wedding packages, and rustic ideas should they incorporate to make their wedding a one memorable and successful event?

Caribbean weddings in the Dominican are usually a great choice for most couples who want to escape and ‘elope’ the drill of home traditional weddings and their expenses. There are several resorts such as cruises offering destination wedding packages in the Caribbean. Depending on the size of wedding a couple wants, an all exclusive wedding package can be the best choice for those who are planning a large beach wedding. It will not only offer a place or guests, family and friends to hang out, enjoy and relax but it will also provide romance, beauty, and uniqueness to your big day.

Planning a destination wedding usually starts with, picking the destination. Where could you and your fiancée like to disappear to for that perfect lifetime event?  In this context, for example, the choice being the Caribbean, the next question arises. What resort in the Caribbean could you prefer? Is it the couples only resort, resorts for all ages or adults resort? Once agreed upon the couple will then pick a date and time and just as simple as that, a wedding is planned. The couple will then think of filling out a few forms and ‘I Do’ completes the whole big event. After reading the above most will say simple right? But the hardest part is yet to come and that is getting started. This is where the likes of rustic chic come in.

 Choosing decorations, rustic invitations, wedding cakes, and rustic country flowers take a lot of DIY (do it yourself) wedding ideas from a couple. The goal here is to get in order a natural, down to earth and outdoorsy but yet sophiscated wedding. First best tip, you should go for a recycled paper for invitations for example bamboo. Then go for a metallic monogram or caligraphed font to contrast the Mother Nature elegantly.  To the setting, it has to be a beach outdoor setting so as nature can factor in its décor ideal. Not forgetting the wedding gear, display modest elegance in a humble sheath with an empire midriff or you can go with an airy ghostly gown. Ensure the color combination is to heart. Dim colours like a tea rose to contrast against the natural accents. For blooms, persist with textured and sturdy flowers that will last in the open-air environment. As for the décor opt for theatrical elements such as crystal chandeliers and old-fashioned reclaimed furnishings. To top it all up, of course, is the menu and music. Start with fresh takes like sliders combined with bite-size tacos to serve as appetizers and later on upper scale bites can set in to pave for the main course which should be as local as it can be. As for music, ensure to light the event with some country duo and go with a band for the reception.

In conclusion, it is advisable for a couple to start planning for a wedding in good time so as to keep in check last minute rush to complete required arrangements. There are several qualified event planners who at a price can oversee the arrangements if you are really busy to handle them.

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