Things To Know: Wedding Music and Photography

Time and again most writers have tried to share insights, experiences, and researches on various preparations to undertake when planning that perfect wedding as a couple. As much there are no two weddings which can be identical, all weddings require a lot of input in terms of not only the monetary resource but also time. In this article today as much as I seek to talk about wedding planning, I do not wish to discuss the normal and common routines, I will single out a thing or two and emphasize on them. My interest today is wedding music and photography.

Unlike other wedding requirements such as cake and flowers, photographs cannot be tasted, smelled, heard or seen till way after the event. This calls for serious research in picking out a photographer. Life and love are beautiful things, and I believe you can agree with me that imagery is not only our heritage but also our life. If you think finding the right groom/ bride is hard, you are yet to pick out that one photographer out of the tens of thousands in the market who will not only just capture still pictures in your wedding but also ensure to precisely capture how you envision it. As all photographers can mask themselves as professionals with lots of expertise only to be a disappointment later on, one ought to be careful. I have managed to put together a few steps to undergo and follow in choosing your perfect photographer. The first step is choosing the preferred photography style. Do you need the Documentary style (spur-of-the-moment pictures), Portraiture style (traditional posing be sole or as a group), Fine art style (allows for reality reflection) or Edgy bold? Once you have agreed on the style, move to step two and do your homework well. Here I’m talking about conducting a serious research, read reviews on previous weddings and check out several local listings. Once satisfied with the information you collected, setup interviews. Go a step further and meet with the potential photographers physically. Check on the availability on the date you require services, fees charged, agree on terms before moving to the next step. Viewing full wedding albums. Not taking chances, you cannot afford to base your choice on the highlights of the photographer’s albums. Check out two or three recent albums before hitting the last step. Are your personalities a match? Does the photographer share your insights and vision when to term it? If yes then you can just match packages, discuss your rights before you get the post production specifics. Do not forget to check and know all the packages the photographer offers. For example, if you require a rental photo booth, ensure to get the best stylish open air, and with a large capacity of people at once. You can also consider after sale services such as; picture printing, sharing of the pictures to social networks and several others.

Music plays a major role in all weddings. It is not only an entertainment but also an accompaniment to the wedding procedure itself. I have selected a few sorts of music you need to work out before that big day comes. First is the processional music. This will serve as an accompaniment to the down aisle walk. Then there is the recessional music. This counters processional as it is played during big exit. You will also need to figure out the cocktail hour music, reception arrival music, first dance music, father-daughter dance music, cake cutting music and lastly bouquet heave music. From all the types of music I have mentioned above, you can draw a conclusion that, you will need an expert DJs and MCs to get it right.

To ease this whole stressful procedure, one will need to seek a one-stop-shop where they can get all they require ranging from wedding photographers, videographers, photo booths to even wedding DJs. This bundling will not only save time and money but reduce the hustle and bustle of the whole wedding planning. And I just have that perfect one stop online shop for all the services you require as relating to wedding planning, The Mix Jockey Productions. Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. it stretches services to as far as Quebec City, Ottawa, Laval, Chateauguay and surrounding areas. If you need that perfect wedding package, upscale wedding services for exceptional value visit .

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