5 Wedding Photography Tips for the Bride

Choosing a great wedding photographer is essential to preserve the precious memories of your big day. Their expertise makes the difference between poorly-chosen, poorly-lit shots and high-quality snapshots that you will treasure. But there are some things you can do to help them, too. Here are our top 5 tips for the bride to get the best wedding photographs.

  1. Be clear what kind of shots you want

Thinking about this in advance gives the photographer time to prepare, and helps you to get the results you want. If you don’t know where to start, have a look at wedding photographs online and find examples of ones you like. Or, pick three words to describe the atmosphere you want to convey in your photos, for example would you prefer fun, happy, joy, or romantic, beautiful, calm?

  1. Create a list

There’s nothing you’ll regret more than missing getting a photo with a certain friend or family member – but the photographer won’t know you want it unless you tell them. Put what you want in a list – it could be a group shot with your siblings, or a cute shot of the cake topper or decorations; again, you can find inspiration online. Try not to go overboard, though. The photographer also needs room to be creative and spontaneous, and capture moments that neither of you could’ve anticipated, but that look great on camera. Cutting it down to around 15 “must have” shots is probably enough.

  1. Appoint a go-to helper

This is a person who ideally knows everyone’s names and relationships to each other, who can help the photographer grab missing people or just be around to ask questions of when you’re busy being photographed or mingling. You and the photographer have more important things to focus on than locating Aunt Carol – and the photographer will have no idea who she is.

  1. Provide a schedule

The photographer needs to know when to be where in order to get the photos that you put on your list, and all of the key moments of the wedding. So the schedule should not only cover the overview of the day, such as ceremony, time for posed shots, reception, but also smaller events during the reception, like bouquet throwing and cake cutting. If your wedding is non-traditional or if the ceremony is of a different faith to that of the photographer, make sure to tell them what the important moments are that you want captured. This is also really important for wedding videography.

  1. Create time the day before

There’s only so much time on the wedding day itself, and parts of it are notorious for overrunning. Taking some photos the day before gives you a chance to try out hair and make-up, lets the photographer double-check lighting, and allows everyone the time to get the shots they want.

Basically, choosing the right wedding photographer is your greatest consideration, but after that communication is key – they listen to what you want, and you listen to their advice about how to achieve it. So, whether you need a wedding photographer Washington DC or a Wedding Photographer Fairfax VA, use these tips to make sure your memories are captured exactly how you want them.

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