Why You Should Hire a DJ for Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can not only be challenging, but also stressful. Not only do you have to plan every detail to ensure the wedding you dreamed of is a reality, but you also have to make all the difficult decisions. What kind of flowers do you want and what color? What kind of food do you want to offer your guests? And don’t even get me started on picking out the right cake and dress for your special day; it’s a stressful time. We’re here to help make your decisions easier. Music is one of the most stressful parts of wedding planning. You need to decide if you want a band or a DJ, what type of music like, and you have to figure out if the group you decide on is available at the time of your wedding. What a hassle! We’re here to help make these tough choices easier for you.

Should you hire a band or a DJ

One of the biggest disagreements between those involved in the planning process of your big day can be whether you should hire a band or a DJ. Everyone seems to have an opinion and valid reason for choosing which they do and you have no idea who to go with. A live band could be a nice experience, but they would cost more and scheduling can become a nightmare. A DJ has all your favorite hits, unlimited availability for guest requests, and they tend to have more flexibility as they don’t have to know how to play the song to perform it.

What can a DJ offer that a live band cannot?

A DJ, like Stephen Coleclough, is able to access all your favorite songs the way you love them performed. DJs are able to play any requests your guests may have, rather than a band have a pre-designed set list and having to know how to play the songs before they can accept the request. It’s also easier for a DJ to play with the volume to make it perfect for whatever your venue and however large your guest list is. More experienced DJs, like Stephen Coleclough in the U.K., offer years of experience and an appropriate level of flair so you get the feeling of a live performance without having to sacrifice your favorite hits. You could save money and have peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to sacrifice any songs with a DJ as your musical entertainment for your wedding.

If you’re struggling to find the music for your special day, look no further than a DJ. You can get a professional and entertaining DJ, like Stephen Coleclough, to perform at your wedding and not have to sacrifice any of your favorite songs or an entertaining performance.

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