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If you have just got engaged or have been engaged a while and finally getting around to planning your wedding then first of all ‘Congratulations’. Of course you will already know that a lot of time and planning will be needed to make your big day as special as it can be, with one of the main things being the entertainment. Although you could hire a DJ to play the latest tracks for you a wedding band is much more personal than using the same entertainment you would for a disco or similar occasion. You want something that you can look back on with fond memories and the songs played as well as the type of wedding band style/genre you would like can be tailored to meet your preferences. After all the day is all about you and the joining of two people, why shouldn’t the band be around your preferences?

Mr Boutique is not the only wedding band Melbourne area; however their wedding singers are of high quality and are specially trained in the top music schools in the Country. The company was founded in 2011 and has gone from strength to strength delighting audiences at hundreds of weddings and corporate events. Rather than just having a set playlist each performance is carefully planned with the person that books the wedding music service.

The company started with just one professional singer who wanted to change and improve the wedding music service previously offered.  After speaking to a number of people that had hired a ‘so called’ professional for their wedding music they felt cheated at the band that showed up for their big day didn’t offer a personalized service, with some experiencing last minute cancellations and other having singers that turned up without a band not realizing getting backing music was something they had to get separately.

With Mr Boutique when a complete service of wedding music is offered this includes the wedding band as well as the wedding singers. You can rest assured that all of the singers on the books are professionally trained and talented to provide you with a premium service that will be etched in your memory for all the right reasons.

As well as the wedding band Melbourne and surrounding areas service you will be assured a great selection of elite artists to choose from who have already made a career with their talents. As well as playing cover songs if you wish the artists also have their own original music. There’s no mass employment of every artist that has just docked from a cruise ship or karaoke queens and kings, the service is second to none and only the best are employed so you will only ever receive the premium inclusive service you book. For Mr Boutique it has never been about mass bookings, the quality is what is important to them and their clients who have nothing but compliments for the service they have received from their wedding band.

The company know that booking wedding singers is something that you are unlikely to have to do more than once in your life, therefore they offer the opportunity for you to ask as many questions as you wish. The company’s goal is to work as part of the wedding planning rather than in addition to so that it slots into your special day perfectly.

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