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You want the story of how you proposed to be original, unique and perfect. You want this to be your story, one that you both will remember for the rest of your lives.

Finding that original, unique and perfect marriage proposal can be hard so we’ve put together some ideas to help you create a setting for your proposal that’s going to melt her heart and make her want to say yes.

The first thing you want to think of is the setting for your proposal. Choose a favorite place that has meaning for both of you.

Hand your unsuspecting “fiancé-to-be” a handwritten note or send her a text message with the starting clue on a treasure hunt that takes you both on a tour around town to some of your favorite spots and ends with your proposal.

Or, while relaxing in your favorite cafe together over coffee or drinks, bring out the newspaper that you’ve taken out a full-page ad in and ask her to read some current events on the same page as your ad that asks her to marry you.

The outdoors can be some of the sweetest backdrops to propose. Take your girl for a romantic walk on the beach after you arranged for a friend to place a message in a bottle there for her to find on your walk. When she opens the bottle, she’ll find a sweet poem written your handwriting inside, asking her to marry you.

On the night of a meteor shower, go to a place where you can see the clear night sky and propose to her under the stars.

If the weather isn’t perfect, head indoors and create a pathway from the front door with ribbons, hung with short love notes, through your home. When she arrives home, be waiting at the end of the ribbon with the ring in hand.

A twist on this would be to make a trail of candles and rose petals that leads to a circle of votives positioned at the end. Turn off all the lights in your home right before she walks in the door. She’ll follow the trail of candles and find you standing in the circle at the end with the ring in hand.

These ideas really do work and she really will say yes!

This last one, and the most special one, is an actual proposal story. Go get a box of tissues…we’ll wait…ready?

“She loved flowers. I took her to a flower nursery where I had the help of the manager. Among the bright yellow flowers, the manager arranged red flowers to spell out the words…”Will you marry me?”. He hid the red flower words by covering them with yellow peddles. Then at the right time, he turned on the fans and the loose yellow peddles were blown away to reveal my message spelled out in the red flowers. Directly behind us was a rose arrangement where I had the ring resting on top of a rose bud. She cried and said yes. She stills talks about it today.”

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