Ready for a Legendary Stag Weekend?

Choose Bucharest as your Crazy Destination!

Stag parties are not black-tie anymore. Not if you don’t want to. Fun shouldn’t be restricted by ridiculous dress codes or specific social activities, because if there is one good one-word definition for total fun, it is liberty!

So, if you’re going to throw a party for the future groom and invite a bunch of friends, why not do it abroad. Yes, as you can clearly see it from the title, I’m talking about a Bucharest stag do.

But why abroad?

And why Bucharest, out of all the possible awesome European destinations?

Well, there are two kinds of answers for these questions. The short one: Bucharest is the place for legendary parties.

The long one? Well, read on and find out!

A stag weekend abroad: is it such a good idea?

I know what you’re thinking, best man!

You think that a stag weekend abroad is a good idea, but an expensive one.

Well…not necessarily. It’s all about smart choices. And if you make them right, you’ll find out that not only a stag party abroad is not that expensive, but it may be cheaper than what you plan to do locally.

How is that possible?

Simple, because you’re not organizing the whole stag weekend alone. Think about it, if you choose a stag weekend abroad, it’s kind of hard work to organize it all by yourself. I know, tradition demands it!

But think about it. You wouldn’t need help from the stag or from your friends. You would need help only from a company that can arrange everything for you, starting with plane tickets and accommodations and ending with the activities you will definitely want to try.

So, yes, it’s a great idea if you do it smart!

Why a stag weekend in Bucharest? What happened with Paris or Barcelona?

Well, you’re free to go wherever you want and celebrate this stag weekend. And Paris, Barcelona and dozens other beautiful cities are an unforgivable experience, that’s for sure.

But it’s your responsibility to make the whole trip budget friendly for everybody you invite and who chips in, for themselves and the stag.

That’s why a city like Bucharest it’s so amazing. Did you know that its nickname is Little Paris? It’s amazingly similar to the beautiful French city, but it has its own special, amazing vibe.

The nightlife in Bucharest is simply amazing, and if you book a stag weekend here in Bucharest, you might find that the prices are much too low for the beauties you will encounter. And I’m not talking about the architecture.

Amazing bars, beautiful women, feisty strippers, incredible architecture, fantastic possibilities. That’s Bucharest for you, and these are only few reasons to choose this city of lights, Paris’ little brother.

Remember I said something about smart choices?

Well, Eventhuse is one such choice, because they can offer you specific Bucharest stag weekend packages at low prices, in order for you to have the best laughs of your lives without any worry about the budget.

Make sure the stag has the best weekend of his life and this trip will definitely be one to remember!

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