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Your wedding day is a big deal and planning can be a daunting task. I have found that at Padua Weddings; they have worked hard to help you through the planning stages so that you can truly enjoy your big day in a stress free environment. Wedding venues in LA County are notoriously competitive and they can confidently say that they are the best wedding venue in the inland empire thanks to their hard work, dedication and experience in the wedding business.

They run an all inclusive wedding venue, they’ve been in business for over 30 years and offer everything from wedding planning, catering, photography/videography, flowerets, DJ and much much more. As the best all inclusive wedding venue in Claremont, you can sit back and relax and watch the big day unwind in a completely relaxed and stress-free state. Making sure the bride and groom are happy is the most important outcome for a wedding day and, as such, they put complete focus on making you happy.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be leaving them to make all the decisions, don’t you worry! You will have the lead in all the planning and this means you’ll be able to have your say on everything. Whether it’s the flowers, music or food, we know that the details are what makes the day really stand out and so everything that you’ve envisioned can come to life with a bit of communication and hard work (on they part!).

LA is a beautiful city to get married in and wedding venue in LA come in all shapes and sizes. They are proud to say that they have three unique places for the ceremony to take place and this will allow you to get the right feel for your big day from the get go. Whether you’re planning an intimate outdoor ceremony or a massive indoor get together – They will have you covered.

With the amount of attention to detail they pay that doesn’t mean they have forgotten about the big bits! They didn’t get the title of best all inclusive wedding venue for nothing after all. Their wedding planning services cover the food and good food is what takes your wedding day from a nice event to the most memorable wedding of the year! With top quality ingredients and the best chefs money can buy working on them, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you sit down for your first meal as a married couple.

Your wedding day isn’t the time to just ‘make do’ and feeling happy and complete is the only way you will look back years from now and be happy with the outcome. If you come straight to Padua Weddings then they will make your dreams come true. Whether you want big and flashy or small and natural, they are experts in the wedding business and can find a way to work out any request. They are the best all inclusive wedding venue in LA and we won’t let you down.

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