How to choose a great live band for your wedding

A wedding is an auspicious event; a celebration of love, and life itself. It is a sacred union of man and wife, in the presence of family, friends and a religious figure. A lot o into the planning of a wedding. From sourcing suppliers, entertainment, cleaning services and more, weddings can be quite the headache to organise. However, with a great team, you can fasttrack the process and celebrate a magical union. Entertainment is one of those things one cannot afford to compromise over. Most people prefer to have a live band perform at their wedding.

This presents yet another challenge; one which if not well navigated may leave the wedding planners with egg on their faces. Choosing a live band, however, shouldn’t as complicated a vetting process as it may seem. Below are some simple hacks and tricks to score a great evening’s worth of entertainment.

  1. Have a budget

Hiring a live band is a process involving quite some amount of money. Great bands can be expensive, and the cheap band may disappoint you. You, therefore, have to find a balance between the amount of money you’re willing to spend on your wedding’s entertainment and how good the live band is.

  1. Previous experience

An excellent way to find outstanding entertainment is to hire live bands with previous experience performing at weddings. Newbies may be cheaper, but you don’t want a group whose choreography and coordination is a shifting target. By talking to a few wedding planners, you can get a few candidates to consider.

  1. Genre of music

Different bands specialize in differentgenres of music. Depending on the people in attendance, the liking for particular types of music will vary. Some bands have a reputation for being able to adapt to their audience’s liking. This versatility is an important point to consider in your drive to hire the best live band for your wedding.

  1. Venue

Your wedding reception’s venue can have an impact on how efficient your drive to hire a live band is. Some bands may have objections performing in some areas due to personal reasons, logistics or preference. While vetting your live band candidates, ensure to ask about any prejudices or venue preferences.

Other considerations come into play when choosing the right live band for your wedding. It all trickles down to trusting your gut.When it’s right, you’ll know it’s right. With a live band sorted, you can concentrate on making the best out of your wedding ceremony.

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