Planning a Wedding in Brisbane

Planning a wedding can be quite the undertaking! There are so many things to do, and items to consider!  So where do you start, and what are the key items to consider?  We will break down the big areas to tackle first and also give you insight of things you want to keep in mind in the process.  Specifically we will be focusing our efforts in the area of Brisbane.  Not only is Brisbane located along the coast of Australia, it is surrounded with great places for weddings including beaches, resorts and even rainforests!

So when it comes to the first thing to plan, let’s discuss what type of location.  Are you looking to do it at a resort, at a beach, hotel, or possibly a residence?  When it comes to a spot with multiple venues in one, check out Beautiful Weddings site. The site offers information on a number of places in Brisbane to get hitched, and includes links to pictures and information on all of them.  Keep in mind the size of your wedding as well as what kinds of features you are looking for, i.e. indoor or outdoor, elegant versus casual.

Once you have chosen the venue, let’s look at the other important items to consider. There are many wonderful photographers in the area, but we recommend checking out this Wedding photographer in Brisbane.  Their coverage includes Brisbane, Gold Coast, Byron Bay and Sunshine Coast. Over 7 years experience in wedding photography.

So you have two of the three big items out of the way! You have found the perfect venue, and will have a photographer who will capture your big day!  The third big item to plan is the food!  This should tie into the venue, meaning if you are doing a casual space, keep the food on the same level, and the same goes for a fancier or more elegant wedding.  Check out My Wedding for a full list of caters in the Brisbane area.  You can search by review, location, type of food and even price.  Since the price of the food will be one of the large parts of your budget, make sure to research fully and find a great caterer!  Also keep in mind to tie this person into making the cake and even supplying the alcohol (check in with your venue first as sometimes different rules apply on this one).

So you successfully planned the three big parts of a wedding! Congratulations! This is going to be one of the best days of your life, so you want to ensure you plan it accordingly!  Now that you have taken care of the big ticket items, it’s now time for the little things.   These can include choosing color schemes and party favors, seating and linens, flowers and candles.  Make sure to use the little items to really personalize the day and make it your own.  Good luck!

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