Rustic Wedding Flowers

A combination of returns to country life, simple living, and Fixer Upper farmhouse trends have contributed to a rise in popularity of rustic weddings. Burlap, twine and simple, earthy colors have taken over the wedding world. Whether you’ve just started diving into the world of wedding planning or the big day is approaching and you’re deciding on final details, know that NovelExpression on Etsy has you covered. The huge selection of beautiful rustic bouquets, Ball jar vases, and boutonnieres means there’s something for everyone’s unique wedding style.

NovelExpression does flowers differently. These aren’t your average wilting blooms that last only half your wedding day before drooping. The bouquets and arrangements are delicately crafted from wood, creating a piece that you can enjoy forever as a memento from one of the most important days of your life. The concept of wooden flowers may sound strange if you’ve never seen one, but one visit to the NovelExpression Etsy page proves that these creations are just as beautiful as fresh flowers. The detail is exquisite, your guests will be none the wiser, and you get to keep your bouquet forever.

NovelExpression is gifted at creating custom color bouquets and arrangements. For those planning a fall wedding, you’ll find plenty of autumn hues that will bring out the natural beauty of the season. Shades of maroon, burnt orange, pale yellow, and brown (complete with twine, of course) add the perfect dreamy touch to an October ceremony. Imagine dozens of tables of fall arrangements in cute country jars as you celebrate your first dance as a couple. Fall is known for its rich beautiful colors, but it’s not the only season with a lively spirit. There are plenty of vibrant blooms for spring and summer, as well as understated, peaceful bunches with pinecone accents for winter nuptials.

The magic doesn’t end with realistic-looking wood flowers. NovelExpression’s mission to go beyond the bloom also extends to more creative “blooms” like roses made from book pages or burlap. The book page blooms are incredibly unique and sure to be a showstopper that will leave everyone talking. With so many different options to choose from, it may seem hard to find a place to start. Fortunately, they’ve made it easy on brides-to-be by categorizing their offerings into a number of themes such as Shabby Chic, Garden Woodland, and Classic weddings. This helpful addition makes it extra simple to find the best faux florals for your special day.

In addition to wooden flowers, NovelExpression also offers Sola Flowers. These are special handmade creations made from tapioca plants. This gives them a different, slightly gentler appearance compared to their wooden counterparts. Both are stunning and work well together in bouquets. Not every faux bouquet producer offers sola flowers, so visiting NovelExpression for your wedding bouquets is bound to set you and your party apart from the rest. On your wedding day, everyone will be looking at you; make sure you’re holding one of the stunning rustic bouquets from NovelExpression.

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