Rustic Weddings: Old is the New, New

If you’re looking for a theme that is in the here and now when it comes to Weddings, you may need to look a few years back.

I am, of course referring to rustic themed weddings. A theme of wedding that allows you to take any old household items, like empty glass jars and turn them into any number of interesting trinkets for your wedding – such as table centrepieces or lighting features.

The more items you use, and find ingenious ways to re-use to help create your rustic aesthetic, the more money you save whilst doing so!

What could be better?!

In the following article, we’ve teamed up with Something-Nice to find out how to create the perfect rustic themed wedding on a budget.

Something-Nice are a creative event and Wedding planners based in the North of England and have become somewhat or a staple of the rustic hire industry over the pond, so we’ve asked them for some ideas on how to craft a big rustic themed wedding with a miniscule budget.

Barrel Bouquet

Wooden barrels look right at home at rustic weddings, on their own they compliment the theme, but when coupled with beautiful bouquets they create an excellent entrance display for all your guests to admire whilst entering the venue – helping them to get adjusted to your desired aesthetic immediately.
All you need is a couple barrels and someone to create a good looking flower display to insert into the barrels – Easy to do and the visual speaks for itself.

Barn Reception

Who says you need an expensive venue when you know a friendly farmer with a spare barn handy?
Ideally the barn is located away from the livestock, at least for the wedding – unless of course you want a petting zoo handy for any of the smaller guests to the wedding.

You can’t really get more rustic than having a literal barn as a feature!

What’s more, you’re likely to get more than enough props to dress as part of your rustic theme and it’s sure to be a wedding to remember! Just make sure you find enough rustic furniture to garnish your awesome rustic venue!

Ladder Letter Display          

Short a few props to really wow the guests? Just get a wooden ladder!

Grab a few empty jars to place tea candles in and then place on the ladder to your satisfaction.
Any vines or green foliage you can find to help drape down the ladder enhances to look of the feature considerably, and again you don’t need to burst the bank in order to achieve this effect.

Rustic Catering Display

If you haven’t learnt already through this article, all that’s required to create rustic aesthetics is the willingness to look outside the box, and the drive to put it into practice.

Creating natural and earthen displays for the catering is easy.

Use, wooden crates for cupcake displays and cases and wooden log cuttings as platters for your food, dot a few jam jar candles around the table and you’re as good as gold!

By following these few handy little tips, we hope you create the wedding of your dreams and have saved a little money whilst doing so!

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