10 Proven Wedding Dress Tips for the Bride

Start your search for “the one” wedding dress is a tough task. You can look around the web for inspiration and options but then it is easy to get confused.

Here are 10 top tips that can help ease the stress when searching for your perfect wedding dress.

  1. Set a Budget

Since Wedding dresses are expensive, it is obvious that there is huge work involved. Most ball gown dresses have 40-50 meters within it and also involve huge fabric costs. Depending on the type of attire, it is obvious that these gowns can set you back by £1500 to £5000. One should be realistic about affordability and opt for dresses within their budget. Bespoke designers are known to list prices for their design with starting prices, and one can take their pick.

  1. Don’t try too many styles all at a time

It is evident that while choosing wedding gowns, one could be totally confused owing to a number of options on the web. Just choose 5-10 designs for dresses even the skirts and corsets with different fabrics and you will be ready to finalize. You can try out different styles with the 3-5 designs and it would be easier to get the wedding gown you need.

  1. Take your best friend with you to help you out

It might be tempting to take a horde of people for wedding dress shopping, and with many people talking; it could actually lead to several confusing, conflicting opinions. The choice of wedding dress then refrains from being your choice but a synthesis of multiple ideas from different people. Take only one or two people, of whose opinions you value and matter, and then take the other friends during the final fitting of the dress.

  1. Consider Fabrics

Wearing the wedding dress with satin especially in the hot summers, it can be difficult to wear. For the hot summers, opt for a dress made from light natural fibers, silks, and cotton. Winter is good for accessorizing a lot with grand attires and several other elements. Also do not pick a dress with a fabric that is overly transparent as it might reflect in the seasonal wedding photography during the day.

  1. Take Notes

After your first appointment with the dress designer, gather your thoughts about the dress and then make notes. If none of the designs worked for you, it is time to put your thoughts to paper and get the designer to align their work with it. Be forthcoming on elements you need on your wedding dress and then instructing them to deliver right from the first pattern to final fitting.

  1. Do Thorough Research

Get a clear idea of what designers can work for your tastes, and then match your preferences. It is difficult to visit every dress shop physically and then decide on the patterns. To avoid forgetting what you liked, one should finalize the style and budget beforehand and then skim through relevant options on the web.

  1. Check costs of alterations

Remember to ask if the cost of the dress includes any alterations or not. Some bridal shops do not charge extra for alterations, while some outsource alterations to their associated seamstresses, thus adding to the cost involved. Bespoke gowns can fit you from the beginning, and hence the price is the same.

  1. Hidden Costs Need to be Assessed Beforehand

Your wedding gown budget doesn’t just include the dress. Your headpiece, veil, handbag, shoes and other accessories will add to the costs. Always zero in your budget with respect to every element that will be supported by the wedding dress and even notify the salesperson about it before venturing to pick the right one for you.

  1. Shop for Your Body

When trying on wedding dresses, focus on what will look good on you, considering the shape and frame of your body. Do not think about the weight as the deciding factor in choosing the wedding dress. Concentrate on finding perfect silhouettes that accentuate your best features and make you feel great for the wedding day.

  1. Be prepared that there might not be “the one”

Not every bride will find the ideal wedding dress they dreamt of, with respect to their budget or anything else. There are other factors that contribute to your wedding so one should try their best in doing their best in finding their wedding dress and then zero in on a dress that matches your budget, your taste, and your body too. Customize your dress to fit and align with your personality for best results.


Choosing wedding dresses is a tough job but one can do it by being calm and systematic about it. Do not pressurize yourself to stretch your budget or style to suit some wedding dress. Weddings also constitute of other important things and it is important to get everything just about right, if not completely perfect.

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